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ANNOUNCEMENT 2015-March-02: SpaceFM has entered a slow development phase.

SpaceFM At A Glance

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About SpaceFM is a multi-panel tabbed file and desktop manager for Linux with built-in VFS, udev- or HAL-based device manager, customizable menu system, and bash integration. SpaceFM is popular among novice and power users alike for its stability, speed, convenience and flexibility.
  • GTK+ v2 or v3 (2.18 thru 3.x supported)
  • udev or eudev or HAL
  • desktop-file-utils
  • shared-mime-info
  • udevil or udisks or pmount
  • startup-notification
  • custom terminal emulators
  • multiple su front-ends
  • plugins
SpaceFM & udevil can be used completely without systemd, consolekit, policykit, dbus, udisks, gvfs & fuse (although it can coexist with any of these).


Slow Development Phase: SpaceFM and udevil

Updated March 2, 2015

The SpaceFM and udevil projects are currently in a slow development phase, mostly consisting of minimal maintenance (eg urgent and critical issues). You are still welcome to report any issue or request.

This is a small development team so please respect our time and be patient.

Issues are examined and reprioritized regularly. Just because a report is older does not necessarily give it highest priority. After your issue is reviewed, a Milestone will be set which will indicate the current priority of the issue (which may change). You can review the meaning of milestones. If no milestone has been set, your issue is still pending review.

The current preferred way to stay informed of project announcements is to subscribe to IgnorantGuru's Blog.

Thanks for participating in these projects!



If there are no packages for your distro, or you prefer to build SpaceFM with custom build options, a self-extracting installer is available in Downloads (click on a file and click View Raw to download). The installer MUST be run in a terminal. It automatically builds and installs, and should work with any recent distro. Run it like this:


# or to see options:

bash --help

The installer requires the build dependencies listed in the README file. Build dependencies for the default GTK2 build include: (package names may vary on your distro)

autotools-dev bash build-essential dbus desktop-file-utils libc6 libcairo2 libdbus-1-3 libglib2.0-0 libgtk2.0-0 (>=2.18) libgtk2.0-bin libpango1.0-0 libstartup-notification0 libx11-6 shared-mime-info intltool pkg-config libgtk2.0-dev libglib2.0-dev fakeroot libstartup-notification0-dev libdbus-1-dev libudev0 (>=143) libudev-dev
Also recommended: udevil|pmount|udisks, eject, lsof, wget, ktsuss|gksu

If any dependencies are missing, examine the error, install missing packages, and try again.

To reinstall or upgrade, just run the latest installer again.

For easy manual build instructions please see the README file.

To authenticate downloads see authentication instructions.

NOTE: Enabling kernel polling is recommended after installing SpaceFM.

SpaceFM Development

Lead Developer: IgnorantGuru
Contributors: BwackNinja
Artwork: SpaceFM icons and logo by Goran Simovic

Thanks to SpaceFM users for valuable feedback and to SpaceFM translators and packagers!

Special thanks to: Jean-Philippe Fleury
Vladimir Kudrya

SpaceFM is developed on geany, gcc, and git, with a little help from gdb.

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SpaceFM Icons & Logo by Goran Simovic (C) 2013

Updated 2015-Mar-08