$ udevil --help

udevil version 0.4.0
Mounts and unmounts devices without password, shows device info, monitors
device changes.  Emulates udisks1/2 command line usage and udisks1 output.
    --verbose                                   print details
    --quiet                                     minimal output
MOUNT  -  Mounts DEVICE to mount point DIR with MOUNT-OPTIONS:
    udevil mount|--mount [MOUNT-OPTIONS] [[-b|--block-device] DEVICE] [DIR]
    -t|--types|--filesystem-type|--mount-fstype TYPE    (see man mount)
    -o|--options|--mount-options OPT,...                (see man mount)
    --no-user-interaction                       ignored (for compatibility)
    udevil mount /dev/sdd1
    udevil mount -o ro,noatime /dev/sdd1
    udevil mount -o ro,noatime /dev/sdd1 /media/custom
    udevil mount /tmp/example.iso                    # ISO file
    udevil mount ftp://sys.domain                    # ftp site - requires
                                                       curlftpfs or ftpfs
    udevil mount ftp://user:pass@sys.domain/share    # ftp share with
                                                       user and password
    udevil mount ftp://user:pass@sys.domain:21/share # ftp share with
                                                       port, user and password
    udevil mount -t ftpfs sys.domain                 # ftp site with ftpfs
    udevil mount -t curlftpfs sys.domain             # ftp site with curl
    udevil mount -t curlftpfs user:pass@sys.domain   # ftp site with curl u/p
    udevil mount nfs://sys.domain:/share             # nfs share
    udevil mount sys.domain:/share                   # nfs share
    udevil mount smb://sys.domain/share              # samba share w/ cifs
    udevil mount smb://user:pass@   # samba share w/ u/p/port
    udevil mount smb://WORKGROUP/user@sys.domain     # samba share w/ workgroup
    udevil mount //sys.domain/share                  # samba share w/ cifs
    udevil mount //sys.domain/share -t smbfs         # samba share w/ smbfs
    udevil mount ssh://user@sys.domain               # sshfs with user - 
                                                       requires sshfs
    udevil mount -t sshfs user@sys.domain            # sshfs with user
    udevil mount http://sys.domain/dav/              # WebDAV - requires davfs2
    udevil mount tmpfs                               # make a ram drive

    WARNING !!! a password on the command line is UNSAFE - see filesystem docs

    udevil umount|unmount|--unmount|--umount [UNMOUNT-OPTIONS] 
                                              {[-b|--block-device] DEVICE}|DIR
    -l                                          lazy unmount (see man umount)
    -f                                          force unmount (see man umount)
    --no-user-interaction                       ignored (for compatibility)
    EXAMPLES: udevil umount /dev/sdd1
              udevil umount /media/disk
              udevil umount -l /media/disk
              udevil umount /tmp/example.iso
INFO  -  Show information about DEVICE emulating udisks v1 output:
    udevil info|--show-info|--info [-b|--block-device] DEVICE
    EXAMPLE:  udevil info /dev/sdd1
MONITOR  -  Display device events emulating udisks v1 output:
    udevil monitor|--monitor
    EXAMPLE:  udevil monitor
CLEAN  -  Remove unmounted udevil-created mount dirs in media dirs
    udevil clean
HELP  -  Show this help
    udevil help|--help|-h

http://ignorantguru.github.com/udevil/  See /etc/udevil/udevil.conf for config.
For automounting with udevil run 'devmon --help'